Some of Pekka Sartola's previous works since October 2001




A car bomb in Damascus, Syria, kills one the most pursued and dangerous terrorists in the Middle East and possibly the world. Hezbollah, an organisation with headquarters based in Lebanon, blames Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence service and makes a vow of vengeance.

A batch of extremely toxic VX-gas, with the potential of killing thousands of people if air-born, disappears from a secret facility manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. The theft is uncovered but simultaneously a high stakes race against time begins to save the lives of thousands of innocents.

The old synagogue of Hurva, twice previously destroyed, is re-opened for use in mid-March 2010. This also plays a part in the terrorist plot and, along with the WMD, the scene for a highly explosive political and religious charge is set. The fast-paced events take place in Syria, Lebanon, Switzerland, Dubai, Sudan and among the Bedouin tribes in the Sinai desert. Finally, there is a breathtaking culmination on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

”As a builder of suspense and fast-paced action, Pekka Sartola is among the best, even by international standards”



Why did Russia launch an extensive search and rescue operation in the Atlantic, deploying spy satellites, war ships and nuclear powered submarines? Was it a shipment of timber at fault, or was there something else in the cargo hold that had to be concealed from the light of day at any cost?

This book searches for answers to the following questions: what role did Iran play in the incident? The country was in desperate need of defensive missiles in the event of an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities. What role did Al Qaeda have? And what was the involvement of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service? What did the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority have to do with the cargo of the Arctic Sea?

The fast-paced events of this well-structured book take place in the Middle- and Near East, Spain and the Baltic States. An astonishing climax is reached in the Atlantic, close to the Islands of Cap Verde. The reader is forced to ask, could this really have taken place?




This book tackles issues concerning the chronological history of the Jewish people, the legitimacy of their claims and the stand of opposing forces. It also deals with some of the more prominent figures from ancient and modern history, the wars and alijat from the Mandate period and later. The book gives a unique overview of history and the present day and sheds light on Israeli’s historical and religious stages. At the same time, it paints a clear picture of the unlimited hatred, whereby rights to land are constantly under challenge.




Who are they? Who would wish to destroy the Jewish state? What forces and events over centuries and even from one millennium to the next, have had the ultimate goal of conquering Israel and annihilating the Jewish people? This book examines the new threats that terrorism poses to western civilization and its social structure and looks at the final goals of Islam, which uses terrorism as a tool.

Who are they today? Who are the modern Philistines, Assyrians, Medians and Persians? What sort of counter forces have been created and weapons and armaments developed? Who are the warriors and spies of today and what has replaced the bows, arrows and slingshots, the shields, spears and swords?

Top Secret is the eleventh book by Pekka Sartola, a writer who is acclaimed in Finland as one of the foremost experts on the Middle East, Israel, terrorism and the field of intelligence. This non-fiction novel is packed with illustrations, which makes for an exciting read and gives a fascinating glimpse of terrorism, espionage and intelligence gathering in the Middle East today. Thrown into the mix are spies, classic espionage cases and secret operations from years gone by.




Millennium - 1000 years of peace
September 2007, hard cover, 366 pages plus picture gallery.

The 10th book of the Finnish author Pekka Sartola can be regarded as his principal work. It may be a demanding task to read this book. Sartola deals with past, present and future. The prophecies of the past and especially of the Old Testament get new aspects from today’s phenomena and events, and they open vast scenes to the future. The author’s knowledge and expertise in Israel’s and Middle East’s present situation is incomparable.

The back cover of the book reveals the following: The theme of this book is one of the doctrines that separates Christians the most. Disrespect towards the Bible is seemingly growing. The Bible is not understood as a whole, and people ignore completely some of its teachings. Nevertheless, the Bible reveals a lot about the future. Christ told about His return in many verses. Revelation can be interpreted historically, although it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which deals particularly with the coming events.

In his book Sartola seeks to perceive the Bible as a whole, and open thus the deep riches of the Scriptures. He does not want to estimate the time of the end of days, but he tries to find out the whole picture of the events, and also in which order everything will happen. Sartola does not claim that the book contains the definite truth, but he interprets the Scriptures according to his own understanding.

The book begins with a fictional prologue, which is typical for Sartola, and it happens sometimes in the future. The power of the Bible verses and the thematic entity makes it possible to believe that everything will really happen some day as the author describes it. Sartola’s creativity is seen in his capability of combining the existing knowledge and the verses of the Bible with new ideas, and the freedom of interpretation is left to the reader; the text arouses certainly new ideas in his mind. We can always trust to the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit when examining the Bible.

A few remarks about the book: there are different views about the timing of the so-called Rapture of the church, i.e. when Christ returns to gather His own. I am convinced, like Sartola, that this particular event may happen any time, but anyway before the horrors, which are described in Revelation. Furthermore, the social and global order seems to be ready for the rising of Antichrist. One brief example; columnist Roman Schatz thinks that: The only fact that could save mankind from pollution would be a fascist world order.

That’s only a flash of the vastness of world’s current problems. Many have feared the mark of the beast, but the Bible explains clearly that this mark will be taken voluntarily when its time has come. The first resurrection ( Rev.20:6) consists of a set of resurrections, which are dealt with in this book. An own and a very important section is reserved for today’s heresies, about which the Lord particularly warns us (Matt.24). Some kind of a religions syncretism is getting stronger every day. Sartola’s book is not a recreation. It demands much from its reader, but in turn it gives a lot as well. We should never forget how terribly lost the Christians would be without Christ. We don’t need necessarily the knowledge about the end of days, but our main task is to bring light to darkness (2.Pet.1:19-21).

I strongly recommend to study this book carefully. The condition of salvation is not the knowledge about the end of days, because it won’t be asked at the last gate. We will go to Heaven by trusting God’s love and Christ’s endless Grace.

Dean J. Peltonen, Lutheran Church of Finland, Karmel and Shalom Magazines. Dec.2007.




ISLAM - Friend or foe?
September 2006, hard cover, 368 pages

September 11th, 2001, the world watched in terror, how the mighty twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York collapsed. Simultaneously, all around the world, a mighty religion called Islam was caught on media’s spotlight. This religion - and its radical reading - showed us, how fragile and vulnerable the western world actually is.

Is Islam a religion of peace or force? Or maybe both? The Western scholars of Islam tend to propagate the idea of a “peaceful and tolerant Islam”. However, in the very cradle of that religion, its teaching is the very opposite. Peace and tolerance or war and violence: which belong to the true Islam?

This brilliant work will find the answers from Islam’s own doctrine: what do the Koran and Sunna, Muhammad’s tradition, really teach? And more importantly, what do they teach all Moslems about other religions and cultures?



The Scorpion plan
September 2005, hard cover, 424 pages

Action - fact - fiction. The Scorpion plan, thriller…and an incomparable reading experience.

The Western and Israeli Intelligence Agencies have been confused for a long time because of a vast construction project in the south-eastern Libya, namely the Kufra Oasis zone. Despite of the transcendent accuracy of the spy-satellite cameras, they are not able to detect what is hidden deep under the irrigator pools. Libya’s nuclear weapon project was revealed only during the last days of the year 2003. The destinies of an Israeli nuclear physicist and his family were closely related to it.

What had the secret Israeli Special Forces, Yamam-team, Mossad, the Dimona Nuclear Research Center, and U.S. and Israeli spy-satellite programs - LaCrosse and Eros - to do with this all? What are Predator, Dark Star and Global Hawk? What is Leirus? And RAH-66 Comanche? Israeli submarines? And what had the Singapore’s Navy Special Divers Group to do with the uncovering of that mission? And what are the strange Lanzhou magnets?

The top agent David Ronin and Imad Mughniyeh - one of the most dangerous terrorists of the world - confront each other once again…

The Scorpion plan is a masterpiece, and one has seldom read anything like it. Its ending is stunning, spiritually touching, and very challenging. A picture section is attached to this book, which contains over 400 pages of relentless excitement. This is a marvelous fictional story, and while reading it, one will have a feeling that everything has really happened. Especially in this work Sartola’s incomparable talent as an expert on Middle-East terrorism and political and military matters is revealed.



Jacob’s Trouble
October 2004, hard cover, 378 pages

Minister, author Pekka Sartola has again accomplished a monumental task in dealing with two difficult subjects: the chaotic situation in the Middle East, and the prophecies about the end of days in the Bible. His latest book “Jacobs Trouble” (Isaiah 30:7) continues the same colorful style, which the previous books Target Israel, Armageddon, A lie as the truth and Al Aqsa begun. The Bible has again an important role in this book, but in an understandable way, even though the book deals with the most complex prophecies of the Bible about the end of days.

Jacobs Trouble begins with a historical prologue in a style, which is typical for Sartola; Israel is discussed on the basis of Biblical prophecies, and also the role of Jews in the crucifixion. The book contains a very interesting chapter, where two heresies, the replacement theology and the so-called theology of two covenants are discussed. EU will play a significant role in pressuring Israel at the end of days, but Islam’s role will be even more remarkable, and the author has written even 50 pages about it. Sartola has read the Koran and introduces its convincing teachings to the reader. An interesting chapter is also the one, which deals with the current Islamic views about a TV discussion, which was aired in Palestine on August 2nd, 2004. Palestinian “experts” on Islamic and Jewish history informed about the events in a way, which would have made a western university researcher cringe with shame. However, in the Arabic world the Koran is the only truth, and anything can be taught and said about everything else. And no one is any wiser, because the only education is usually given in a Koran school.

The last and broadest section of the book deals with the future of Israel and the highly flammable area of Middle East. In reading this latest section, one may have a feeling that he has read it before. That’s because the Bible has been used a lot to aid Sartola in guiding his readers to all the more current prophecies through the intricate web of the political areas. Anyone, who is interested in the end of days, will get a lot of information about Jacob’s (Israel’s) trouble before the Messiah returns.

The end of the book deals with recent phenomena, such as diseases, famine, drought, the arms race, and natural disasters. For example the increasing number of earthquakes is a sign, about which Jesus warned us. The illustrations and maps in the end of the book are very informative, consisting of over 25 pages of current political and historical material. Diagrams reveal us the effectiveness of the much debated security-wall, showing a clear decrease in terror attacks and casualty numbers. The actual attempts of terrorist acts have not ended, but they have become noticeably less successful. One can be surprised how rarely these attempts are mentioned in the western media, although most terror organizations tell us openly about their goal to destroy the state of Israel with any possible means.

Pekka Sartola has gathered an amazing amount of information, entwining it with the message of the Bible and offering it to his readers. I would warmly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to deepen his understanding about Israel and its position in God’s great plan, as well as to those who are interested in the prophecies about the end of days.

S. J. Kosonen, Shalom Magazine December 2004.





Al Aqsa
February 2004, hard cover, 354 pages.

Pekka Sartola: Al Aqsa - a fascinating journey behind the Middle-Eastern curtains.

The latest book by Pekka Sartola leads the reader to a journey behind the Middle Eastern headlines. In comparison with his previous works, Target Israel, Armageddon and A lie as the truth, Sartola has chosen a different path and written an imaginative and thrilling novel. That is not unusual for him, because he has written also previously short fictional sections in all of his books. The common nominator of his books is the Middle East and its many problems.

The reader should be warned beforehand that there might be some sleepless nights waiting for him because of the intensity and thrill of this book. The events of the book are based on real terrorist activity from the recent history. It contains a description of Mossad, the famous secret intelligence service of Israel, which is trying to prevent the next act of terror by trickery and deduction.

The reader will become familiar with the operating methods of Mossad, of which the most important ones are think tank, technical know-how, and the operations of special agents. The book uncovers also the ruthlessness of terrorists towards civilians, as well as their false propaganda. Also the secrets of Saddam Hussein´s WMD:s (weapons of mass destruction) are uncovered in this book. Where they were really transported and hidden, and why they were never found.

Sartola has also added a hint of melancholy and romanticism to the book. The end result is a well-flowing and powerful novel, and occasionally it will be difficult for the reader to distinguish fact from fiction. It would be easy to imagine that the events have occurred just as the author has described them. In the end good overcomes evil, which leaves the reader with a pleasant feeling of security. This book is a real find, a refreshing treasure among religious entertainment.

Shalom-magazine, April 2004




A Lie as the truth
September 2003, hard cover, 416 pages.

In 2001 the Finnish publisher Ajanteos published Pekka Sartola’s third book, which title was Target Israel. It became a best-seller. One year later it was Armageddon’s turn, and it was sold out in less than two years.

Now Pekka Sartola surprises once again with his fifth book: A Lie as the truth. Anti-Semitism in history and today. The book speaks with an incomparable frankness about everything that the media hasn’t told us. The author describes honestly the cruel history of anti-Semitism as well as today’s anti-Judaism in all of its frightfulness.

There are dozens of black-and-white and color pictures in the book, and also many anti-Semitic caricatures that have been published in the Arab media. For the first time in 60 years, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, an over one-hundred-year old classical forgery, has been published in this book. “Protocols in Arabic” is one of the Top Ten books in Islamic countries.

The over 80 chapters include e.g.:

  • Race theories
  • The crusades
  • The Black Death
  • The era of inquisition.
  • The pogroms
  • The Protocols of The Elders of Zion
  • The time of the Nazi power
  • The unknown holocaust
  • Anti-Judaism today
  • Islam and the Koran as weapons
  • The refugees - victims of anti-Semitism
  • Anti-Semitism as a curriculum
  • Israel and Middle-East today



Armageddon – mankind at the end of days.
September 2002, hard cover, 348 pages

Over 80 chapters, plus maps and drawings. This book was sold out in less than 24 months. Below a shortened sample of one of the many praising reviews.

Author-minister Pekka Sartola has written nearly 350 pages about the recent events of our time. As the title reveals, the book deals with the end of days from a Biblical perspective. The current political situation of the world and the growing power of Islam have been dealt with in the book, which contains both verses from the Bible and elements of a thriller. The previous book written by Sartola, Target Israel, can be regarded as the first part of Armageddon, and it would be advisable to read both of these books.

Sartola tells that he has tried to keep his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds in order to transform the rather complex Biblical prophecies into a more understandable form. For me, Armageddon has given new perspectives to the prophecies of the Bible compared with other books that I have read about the end of days.

All in all, the book is fascinating and contains premonitions about the end of days, which are both terrifying and at the same time wake interest in finding out more.

(Rev. S. J. Kosonen, Shalom-magazine, December 2002)




Target Israel.
October 2001, hard cover, 384 pages

Contents include e.g:

  • To whom does Palestine belong?
  • Jerusalem, whose city?
  • The Temple Mount – fact and fiction.
  • Mossad – the most secretive.
  • The massive threat of Islam.
  • Allah of the Koran or God of the Bible?
  • The nuclear arms club.
  • The balance of terror.
  • Will there be a peace in the end?
  • Anti-Semitism as a weapon.
  • The worst (bloodiest) acts of terror.
  • The Israeli Special Forces.

The book contains over 60 chapters including a section of maps, drawings with explanations, and abbreviations as a virtual treasure for information for a researcher. This book was sold out in 18 months, but there will be a new updated edition in the near future.