MILLENNIUM By Pekka Sartola (Author)

Book Summary



This book is a wealth of information, which is interestingly written and justified with documents. It is very thorough and informative, whilst also discussing a delicate issue courageously. No matter what you think about the Millennium, you won't be bored with this book! In addition, you will learn many facts about the situation in the Middle-East and Israel, which the newspapers refuse for some reason to reveal. The Finnish Christian TV-7, January 2008 One has to admire the author's knowledge of the Middle-East and the people living there; few have such expertise. When we add his knowledge of the Bible, there certainly aren't many people who can boast to know equally much. The book covers the basic Gospel too, and thus is also suitable for anyone who is still seeking. In all, this book is very extensive and it can be warmly recommended to anyone. The Finnish Christian Weekly magazine, December 2007

Pages: 420
ISBN: 9781606473412

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