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Pekka Sartola, born in 1941, is a pastor for the Turku Free Church and is also renowned for his numerous books dealing with Israel and the Middle East. He writes non-fiction works based on the Bible and also writes increasingly popular faction, a mixture of fact and fiction.

Pekka Sartola has deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the political, religious and military problems that face the Middle East and Israel. He has spent years researching terrorist networks, which operate in the area, and the intelligence and counter-intelligence organizations working against them - including the operations of Special Forces from various countries. The book Top Secret – Part: Middle East (352 pages), concentrates exclusively on the Special Forces. In April 2010, Sartola’s 350-page novel and thirteenth book, Kaappaus (Hijack), was published (Päivä Ltd). It grapples with the highly internationally exposed hijacking of the Arctic Sea, the mystical events surrounding it and the part played by the Israeli intelligence services.

Pekka Sartola is one of the most renowned and sought after lecturers in his field. His research into Israel and the Middle East stretches back over three decades, and for the past ten years he has given presentations and lectures on the subjects both in Finland and abroad. He also writes columns for various publications including his own website which can be found at:

TV-7 viewers voted Pekka Sartola as the Best Author of Christian Literature for 2009. Winning the vote was made notable by the fact that there were no restrictions on candidates, making any writer eligible from years gone by. Pekka Sartola’s faction has often been compared to such renowned international authors, as Frederick Forsyth, Ken Follet and Tom Clancy. For this reason, it was considered unnecessary to limit candidates to only Christian writers. Many readers consider him to at least be on par with Ilkka Remes, the acclaimed Finnish author of suspense novels, who is also recognized abroad.

His literary style is professional, technically accurate and powerful and helps his audience to relate to the realistic events with ease. It is not by chance that Pekka Sartola is regarded as one of the foremost literary talents in Finland, whose international breakthrough is only a matter of time. Of his fourteen books, five are action packed suspense novels with one thing in common. They are all based on real events around which the author has spun a seamless chain of events, forcing the readers to ask themselves could these incidents have taken place?

Since 1998, Pekka Sartola’s literary novels have been published by Ajanteos Kustannus Ltd, which is a small, family-run publishing house, which has yet to conquer foreign markets. Ajanteos Kustannus only publishes the works of Pekka Sartola.

October 2010 witnessed the publication of Pekka Sartola’s fourteenth factional novel Siionin Kyynel (Tear of Sion). This 375-page work transports the reader to the epicenter of current events, Middle Eastern terrorism and a world filled with plans for mass destruction. The author’s in-depth local knowledge and unwavering grip carry the reader to Syria, Switzerland, Dubai, Sudan in the continent of Africa and from there on to Sinai. Events culminate on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and a showdown by the Western Wall. Even before the novel’s publication, it has sold more copies than any other work written by Sartola, the majority of which have actually sold out.

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